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Dawn Morningstar

I was about to offer a Venerable Women talk “ Finding Sisterhood and the Three Facets of Wholeness." It was icy outside and I was very careful as I brought some things into our gathering space. Before I knew it, I had fallen hard. My limbs were twisted and I hit my head. As I walked into our gathering to set up, I was in tremendous pain and felt immediate swelling in my right leg.


Moments later, Katie arrived. I told her what happened and asked if she would do some Reiki to help me. She agreed and started right away. I sat across from her and opened to healing as she began. Instantly, I felt some tingling and movement down my right leg and a soothing in my head.


As hard as I had fallen, I wondered what the morning later would hold. As I got out of bed carefully, I felt no pain at all! I was pleasantly surprised! 


I attribute what could have been a major injury and was not, to Katie’s Reiki. She is no-nonsense and let’s just get-to-it, in her approach. I am so grateful to have been able to go about my busy life serving women with ease and grace. Thank you, dear Katie!


Debbie Mechley

Master Health & Wellness- Life Coach

Trust Your Vision Coaching


Katie has special gifts that make her healing work so impactful. I have been working with Katie for the past four months to reset my ‘Fatigued Adrenals’ and therefore stimulate my metabolism by energetically balancing my hormones. I know, a mouthful, but it’s working. My GI issues are nearly gone, and my energy level is consistent and sustainable. I’m so excited to see the continued results, that I, as a Health and Wellness Coach, have decided to partner with Katie on a Weight Release Program using Reiki as a modality to energetically release weight. Stay tuned!

My son was hospitalized for pain and sent home. Katie did ‘Distance Reiki’ on him and saw exactly what the physicians had found in their testing. She did not know before she offered to heal what those findings were. He says he feels like a million bucks and the pain is gone.

I highly recommend Katie for any healing that is asking to be addressed. She is a delight to work with.


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