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Reconnecting to Your Higher Self

Apple Valley, MN - 12/16/18

Born with Cerebral Palsy, Pure Life Energy's owner Katie is a living testimony to the power of alternative healing methods.  She spends most of her time in a wheelchair but has never let what some may refer to as a 'disability' slow her down.  Instead, she channels her 'different ability' energy and proves that with grit and determination she can accomplish nearly anything she sets her mind to.  

A gifted Reiki Master, Katie has experienced true miracles in her life and credits her connection to her higher self for restoring her faith, reducing her physical pain, giving her motivation and boosting her confidence.  Knowing how much that power has changed her own life for the better, she has gone forth and is building an amazing practice where she can pay it forward and guide others as they promote positive changes in their lives through their own healing power.  

Katie is a gift to the holistic community and is one to watch as her fanbase grows even greater in her new location at the beautiful Shops of Galaxie in Apple Valley, Minnesota.  You will absolutely want to follow "Pure Life Energy" on Facebook and Instagram for updates on "Pure Topic of the Day" events, Reiki workshops and motivational prompts to get your day started in the best way possible.


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